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Starting from Seed. You won’t be planting seeds to start your turmeric plants, but using roots instead. It’s not just a matter of convenience, the plant doesn’t produce seeds for propagation. If you have a market nearby where you can buy fresh turmeric roots, you may be able to use those to sprout a plant.

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Why buy dried turmeric when you can grow and use it fresh? Turmeric is essential to Asian and Indian dishes, especially curry. Use it to add an earthy, slightly bitter, aromatic flavor to soups, stir-fry, casseroles, marinades and more. Grow in 14″ to 18″ containers, outdoors in filtered sunlight and move indoors before a hard frost.

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Luckily turmeric is easy to grow if you have a sunny spot to put a large pot or planter. Give it what it likes and it will grow like a weed and reward you with attractive tropical foliage and a generous harvest of fresh turmeric. Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a tropical plant in the same family as ginger. Not a dainty plant, turmeric has large green leaves and …

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Turmeric Plant is a perennial herb that re-shoots every spring. Its scientific name is Curcuma domestica syn. Curcuma longa with family ingiberaceae, the ginger family (how to grow ginger). The popular varieties of turmeric plant are Curcuma longa, Curcuma zedoaria and Curcuma aromatica. Turmeric is known by different names in different …

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Turmeric is a rhizome that grows underground from a seed piece (sometimes called the “mother”). The seed rhizome looks similar to the mature turmeric you find in the grocery store however unlike the supermarket ginger, this seed turmeric is certified disease-free and certified organic.

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