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Symbolism: Seed of Life

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Lilith appears again in Rebuild of Evangelion, although the timing and circumstances of its appearance onscreen are vastly different. While Lilith is seen in the series at the beginning of the descent arc (end of Episode 15), Lilith is seen roughly three-fourths of the way through Rebuild of Evangelion 1.0.

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Lilith’s torso constantly leaks LCL, an amber-colored, translucent liquid, which allows an Eva pilot to mentally link with their Evangelion Unit, from an unseen wound, forming a vast reservoir used to supply its use in the Evangelion entry plugs.

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This is a collection of images to represent a subject. For information on the subject itself, see Lilith. Contents[show] Neon Genesis Evangelion Lilith as seen in Neon Genesis Evangelion A close-up of Lilith Evangelion Unit-01 separates from Lilith Kaworu hovers before Lilith during Episode 24

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Lilith’s blood (the mysterious orange liquid also referred to as L.C.L.), is then collected and used inside Entry Plugs to facilitate the neural-link connections between the pilots and the Evangelion Units.

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A profile of Lilith from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.

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Mask that Lilith wore in the original series of Neon Genesis Evangelion. One is smooth. The second is more cratered like in the series. I plan to add

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Lilith in Neon Genesis Evangelion. The myth of Adam and Lilith is used as an inspirational reference in Neon Genesis Evangelion, not necessarily a literal one. In the series they are equal beings considered to be the Progenitors of Life. While the Angels are descendants of Adam, the Lilim (humanity) are descendants of Lilith.

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Both forms of Sachiel’s bird-like face are used in Neon Genesis Evangelion merchandise. In the Rebuild of Evangelion series, Lilith in Central Dogma and the Angel Shamshel are depicted with Sachiel-like masks. In Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone, after enveloping Unit 01, Sachiel explodes into LCL before self-destructing. It is also designated as the …

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