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A realistic replica of the first successful automatic pistol, this gun was also known under a variety of other names, including C96, M96, Bolo, P-7.63, Broom handle, Mauser Military Pistol, Large Mauser pistol, Pistole 7.63 and the Model 1930.


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The mauser pistol was first manufactured in 1896. An intermediate between a pistol and machine carbine, it was the first military automatic pistol. Apart from minor modifications in 1912 and 1932 it has retained its original features.

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C96 pistol, Germany 1896 Reproduction of a pistol, made in wood and metal, with simulating mechanism of loading and firing. Within the wide range of short weapons, the C-96 has the honor of bearing the name ”classic”, also known as ”Broomhandle”.

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GUN GERMAN MAUSER C96 WOODEN HANDLE This model is an exact replica of the original, which can give additional empty-dry shot (weight and dimensions as the original). Manufacturer: Denix Spain (M-1024) Very popular among our clients, a Mauser C96 replica, in 1896 was offered to civilians, officers and governments.