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Ettan snus Ettan is a popular brand of Swedish snus – a pasteurized smokeless tobacco product. Founded in 1822, as ”Ljunglöf’s No. 1”, Ettan is also one of the oldest Swedish brands in existence.

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A true classic. Very distinct flavor and perfect moist, unquestionably a top of the line snus.


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Ettan snus Founded in 1822, Ettan Snus is one of the oldest brands of Swedish Snus still available today (alongside General Snus). One of Sweden’s most popular snus …

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Ettan snus is characterized by a classic tobacco flavoring, and the loose variation of the brand has tasted the same since 1822! Ettan Original Portion was introduced in the year of 1990 and was followed up by the white portion sixteen years later.

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Ettan portion is the best if you’re looking for a perfectly balanced portion snus. It has an amazing aroma of unsweetened cocoa when you first open the can. The flavor has a perfect balance of sweetness, salt, and bitterness.

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Ettan – the first modern Snus of its kind. Since 1822, it established itself as an incomparably authentic Snus based on the original recipe consisting of tobacco, salt and water. Snus lovers highly value its robust tobacco taste …

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Ettan was first made at the beginning of the 1800’s and Ettan loose still uses the same ingredients as the day it was launched. Ettan has a pure tobacco flavor and is probably the oldest snus brand in the world.